Privacy Bulletins

Our normal data collection practices are described in the FAQ. Whenever we need to temporarily change (increase) our data collection, we will describe here what we're doing and what the impact is.

2015-06-01: Privacy Policy update

Τι κάνουμε
We are updating our Privacy Policy. This includes merging into it the answer to the FAQ question "What information does Psiphon collect?".
Γιατί το κάνουμε
The Privacy Policy page is now the only place users need to check for Psiphon's privacy and data collection policies. It has been updated to reflect use of advertisements, analytics, and logging for some of our websites.
Πότε το κάνουμε
This is in effect by at least 2015-06-01T00:00Z.

2014-04-17: Enable S3 bucket logging

Τι κάνουμε
We are enabling access logging for one website Amazon S3 "bucket" (i.e., storage container). (For technical reasons, we run dozens of copies of the website in different S3 buckets.)
Γιατί το κάνουμε
We are doing this to determine how many accesses there are to the "remote server list" stored in the bucket. This will help to give us an idea of how many users are failing to connect.
Πότε το κάνουμε
Η σύνδεση θα επιτρέπεται από 2014-04-17T15:00Z to 2014-04-18T15:00Z.
Ποιά δεδομένα χρήστη συλλέγονται
The logging will collect IP addresses, user agents, and timestamps of access to one website. When that data is processed, we will have a count of users divided by geographic region that have accessed the file in question.
Για πόσο θα κρατηθούν τα δεδομένα
Τα δεδομένα δεν θα κρατιούνται πέραν της μιας εβδομάδας. Τον αριθμό των χρηστών θα τον κρατάμε για περισσότερο καιρό -- πιθανώς επ' αόριστον.
Πόσοι χρήστες επηρεάζονται
Δεν γνωρίζουμε στα σίγουρα πόσοι χρήστες θα επηρεαστούν (γι' αυτό το κάνουμε), αλλά υποπτευόμαστε ότι θα είναι λιγότεροι από 10,000 χρήστες.
Ποιός θα δει τα δεδομένα πέραν της Psiphon Inc.
The access logs are also stored in an Amazon S3 bucket, so Amazon will have access to the logs. (However, Amazon serves the files, so they can already access this information.)